Britton Farms Code of Regulations and Restrictive Covenants

Attention Britton Farms Homeowners:

As you know from prior BFHA meetings and emails, the BFHA Code of Regulations and Restrictive Covenants are long overdue to be updated. The current versions of these documents can be downloaded and viewed from the Downloads page.

The BFHA Executive Board is seeking member input as the Britton Farms Code of Regulations and Restrictive Covenants are updated over the coming months. The most up-to-date version of these proposed amended documents can be downloaded from the below links.

Please take the time to view these important documents. You are encouraged to make comments and recommendations in the “Leave a Reply” section below. 

This review and comment period will culminate in a subdivision-wide vote of all 299 Britton Farms homeowners. Any modification or amendment to these Regulations shall be made only upon the affirmative vote of at least seventy-five (75%) of the members.


Trilogy Health Services Proposed Development

Proposed Trilogy Sign
Below are several *.pdf files related to the proposed amendments to the Hilliard Planned Use Development on the southeast corner of Davidson and Leap.

These were received by BFHA Treasurer Ted Barrows from Hilliard City Planner John Talentino, City of Hilliard, 3800 Municipal Way, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 (614-334-2444).

The Trilogy Health Services proposed facility will consist of approximately 22 independent living units, 43 assisted living units, and 50 skilled / licensed care beds. This will allow residents the option of aging in place. The exact name of the facility has not been determined.

2017-09-28_Trilogy Hilliard Full Set

2017-09-26 response to comments



D2420009 B2 standards

Trilogy Health_Hilliard New Drawings 20170926

Transmittal Letter 09-28-2017

T1730015_AutoTurn Fire Truck-9

Yard of the Month: August 2017

August Yard of the Month voting is now open: Attached are the 3 homes that were selected by our volunteer judge. Please vote for the home that you feel has the best curb appeal for August using a “like” on the photo. On Sunday morning, the home with the most “likes” will be the winner for the August Yard of the Month! The winning home receives a $50 gift card and the Yard of the Month sign to display in their yard until the September winner is declared next month! Thanks for voting!

Yard of the Month: July 2017

Congratulations to Debbie and Jerry Roshto (4579 Ashview Court) for winning the July 2017 Yard of the Month!! They will receive a $50 gift card to Home Depot and the yard of the month sign for the yard. We will start the judging for August yard of the month the week of August 1-7. Thanks to all those that voted this month!

Britton Farms Mailbox Regulations

The original supplier for the Britton Farms mailboxes was Cedar Craft Products, whose 2017 flier is attached. The mailbox standards established by the grantor, per the restricted covenants, are described below. Roush Hardware also has a book for Cedar Craft Products which contains the code for these same standards. The standards have not been revised and remain in effect.

While your Britton Farms HOA Executive Board does not expect neighbors to replace recently purchased posts or mailboxes that are not within the standard (unless egregiously out of standard, such as a white mailbox), we do ask that mailboxes be brought into standard as much as is reasonable. This includes replacing posts and boxes that are in poor condition, painting posts the standard color, and ensuring the proper mailbox numbers are on both sides of the post. Any replaced mailboxes or mailbox parts should meet the standards posted.

This information is also available on the Downloads page.

Mailbox Flyer from Cedar Craft:

Cedar Craft Products, Inc.

P. O. Box 9

776 Reynoldsburg – New Albany Road

Blacklick, Ohio 43004

Ph. (614) 759-1600 Fax. (614) 759-1418

Britton Farms 2017

Code # BFM8Dv2B

This set come with a standard size black metal box w/red flag on DJ01- 4×4 rough sawn western red cedar post with brace. Painted with Sherwin Williams SW6089 grounded in flat formula with 4” black plastic nail-on house numbers on both sides of post.


  1. Cedar Craft will remove your existing mailbox unit and install the new mailbox unit. (Disposal not included. Contact your waste company for disposal.)

Cost $ 185.62 (+) sales tax $ 13.92 = $ 199.54

  1. Homeowner removes the old unit (approx. 2’ in ground) and Cedar Craft installs the new unit.

Cost $ 155.62 (+) sales tax $ 11.67 = $ 167.29

  1. Pick-up at Cedar Craft’s factory. Located at 776 Reynoldsburg New Albany Rd., Blacklick, OH 43004

Cost $ 120.62 (+) sales tax $ 9.04 = $ 129.66

Parts (sale tax extra)

Standard size rounded black metal mailbox w/red flag $ 20.50

DJ01 – 4×4 cedar post w/ brace $ 66.52

Blocks for metal to attach to post $ 10.00

4” black nail-on plastic house numbers $ 1.96 each

Add HOA-approved paint (Sherwin Williams SW6089 grounded in a flat formula) $ 17.92

Repair fee $ 40.00

Replacement installation fee $ 85.00 (Removal and installation)

Installation only fee $ 50.00

Mailbox Post Color:

Britton Farms Mailbox Post Color
Britton Farms Mailbox Post Color

Mailbox Numbers:

Britton Farms Yard of the Month: June 2017

Here are the June nominees for Yard of the Month. Please vote by Saturday, June 10th at midnight by ‘liking’ the yard that you think deserves to win. Winner will receive a $50 gift card to Home Depot and the Yard of the Month sign for their yard! Thanks for voting! July voting will occur the first week of July.

Britton Farms Park Clean Up: May 2017

BFHA President John Stanton would like to thank all of those residents that were able to contribute to the Britton Farms Park cleanup this evening, it was a huge success. We will be sending out an update in the future to finish any projects not completed tonight, stay tuned for more information. Also, a special thanks to fellow resident Greg Rokoff for spearheading this event and getting more upgrades to the park this summer. The city is looking to install a swing sometime this summer.

Yard of the Month: May 2017

Congratulations to Deanne and Ken Fude for winning the May 2017 Yard of the Month! They will receive a $50 gift card to Home Depot and the yard of the month sign for their yard. We will start the judging for June yard of the month the week of June 4-10. Please email me (John Stanton) if you are interested in judging! Thanks to all those that voted this month!